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Richard Austin’s Photomontage of birds on a feeder over a 20 minute time span.

A Photomontage of all the birds visiting the bird feeder at Stover Park near Newton Abbot UK in a 20-minute time span.

Shot with a Canon 1DX using a Canon 400mm 2.8 lens shutter speed 2000 aperture F2.8 at 12 frames per second using automatic ISO selection.

The bird feeder is one of the best I know, set in woodland with a great viewing platform.

As well as the birds helping themselves to the sunflower seeds the squirrels hang around underneath picking up the seeds dropped by the birds.

Sparrow Hawks are often seen taking birds off the feeder as well as kingfishers darting around on the lake just a few feet away.

Bullfinches are regulars to the feeder as well as woodpeckers, siskins, and most of the tit family.

http://www.richardaustinimages.combird_watch_weekend_01 bird_watch_weekend_02

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