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Richard Austin – Photography…. Martin Clunes Photoshoot with Heavy Horse Foals.

Martin Clunes has a new TV show on February 7th 2013 ‘Heavy Horse Power’

I photographed Martin last year with the two stars of the show Ronnie & Bruce a pair of Clydesdale Foals.MartinclunesswannyWWRA20110419A-002_C01011 MartinclunesswannyWWRA20110419A-006_C01011 MartinclunesswannyWWRA20110419A-007_C01011 MartinclunesswannyWWRA20110419A-012_C01011 MartinclunesswannyWWRA20110419A-019_C01011 MartinclunesswannyWWRA20110419A-026_C01011 MartinclunesswannyWWRA20110419A-027_C01011 MartinclunesswannyWWRA20110419A-030_C01011 MartinclunesswannyWWRA20110419A-034_C01011

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