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Richard Austin Photography: Waxwings in Devon…

Without doubt the most perfectly created bird to visit the UK in winter time with coloured feathers like mother nature painted the birds herself.

Yellow tipped tail, red spots on the end of wing feathers, crested head and a face mask like a highway robber.

The first British arrivals in winter are usually seen on the east coast from Scotland to East Anglia, but birds move inland in search of food, increasing the chances of seeing one inland.

It’s always a special occasion to see these amazing birds in the West Country, the plumage on the Waxwing is simply staggering. It is one of those birds you can’t take your eyes off, they flit around in the leafless bushes and even hover as they pluck a berry from the hedge.

Love to photograph these birds.

waxwingIMGL22731 waxwingIMGL23181 waxwingIMGL23311 waxwingIMGL23321 waxwingIMGL23351 waxwingIMGL23371 waxwingIMGL24141 waxwingIMGL24421

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