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Vintage Fair at Exeter…

A small corner of Exeter turned back the clock on Saturday with the day being handed over to everything vintage from the 1940’s 50’s and 60’s.

Clues were everywhere at the Thistle Hotel in Queen Street Exeter as vintage fans arrived wearing historic attire and vintage hairstyles giving that unmistakable look from those many decades ago.

The fashion show at 1pm was a trip down memory lane as the willing models showed off the clothes from that magical time which seemed to have a fashion history all of its own.

Members of the public were treated to late shopping and a beauty parlour with antique and handmade stalls as well as ‘Pop Up’ hair and make-up.

The evening kicked off at 8pm with vintage tunes from Jump Jive band Company B.

boataustin_vintage_011 boataustin_vintage_021 boataustin_vintage_031 boataustin_vintage_051 boataustin_vintage_061 boataustin_vintage_041

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