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Adder Hunting…by Richard Austin Photography

Walking through undergrowth with an expert on adders means you know you are going to come face to face with one of Britain’s only venomous snake.

It keeps you awake and makes you feel fully concentrated.

In the last couple of years I have found male and female adders as well as very rare Black Adders, and baby adders curled up on top of their mothers, how cute!

I watched an expert feed an adder down a plastic tube and take a DNA sample from the snake which does beg the question…How do you get a DNA sample from an adder?

Answer: Bloody carefully. The feet picture shows the swelling when you get bitten by an adder.

boatadder411 boatAustin_Adder_021 boataustin_adder41 boataustin_adder51 boataustin_adder61 boataustin_animal_pix051 boataustin_animal_pix061 boataustin_animal_pix091 boatWWRA20110419B-003_C1 boatWWRA20110419B-006_C1 boatWWRA20110419B-007_C1 boatWWRA20110419B-008_C1 snakebite1

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