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Richard Austin at Devon County Show

Two great days at the Devon County Show that sums up why we all live in the west country, great food, great animals and great people…

county_show_14 county_show_15 county_show_16 county_show_17 county_show_18 county_show_19 county_show_20 county_show_21 county_show_22 county_show_23 county_show_24 county_show_25 county_show_26 county_show_27 county_show_28 county_show_29 county_show_30 county_show_31 county_show_32 county_show_34 county_show_35 county_show_36 county_show_37 county_show_38 county_show_39 county_show_40 county_show_41 county_show_42 county_show_43 county_show_44 county_show_48

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