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Dartmoor Hill Ponies to take on Shire Horses…


A trio of Dartmoor Hill Ponies will be competing against the biggest horses in the country during the next three weeks culminating in the British National Ploughing Match.

Will Williams, a proud Welshman and at 80-years-old probably the oldest ploughing competitor in the country.

Will has spent hours coaching three sibling Dartmoor Hill Ponies Liquorice, Marble & Kizzy aged 5, 6 and 7.

The three ponies have been weight training in preparation for the tour and Will says, “They are now ready to take on the big boy Shire Horses.”

Will ploughed his first field with horses when he was 13-years-old, now, 67 years later, he is still at it and says he feels fit and he “Can’t grumble.”

Said Will: “I had to retire my Shire Horses, Bob and Duke because they were getting too old, sadly we lost Ben and now Duke is enjoying his retirement on Dartmoor.”

Will said he was surprised just how steady the three ponies are when they are ploughing.

Said Will: The ponies take smaller steps than the big horses reducing the amount of swaying which can affect the quality of the furrow, the ponies are the only pony trio on the competition circuit.”

Team Will will be competing in Wales, Shropshire, Cheshire and Hereford with the British National Championships in October. Will will be accompanied by his partner Anne Williams.will_ploughman_01 will_ploughman_02 will_ploughman_03 will_ploughman_04 will_ploughman_05 will_ploughman_06

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