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Ringing Britain’s Birds

Great day today with the licensed Bird Ringers of the British Trust for Ornithology in the Axe Valley East Devon. A Kestrel and a Kingfisher were the highlights for me, But what a great job they do in gathering data of the UK’s bird life….Setting out the nets at the break of day

bird_ringing_01 bird_ringing_001 bird_ringing_02 bird_ringing_002 bird_ringing_003 bird_ringing_004 bird_ringing_005 bird_ringing_006 bird_ringing_007 bird_ringing_008 bird_ringing_09 bird_ringing_009 bird_ringing_010 bird_ringing_10 bird_ringing_011 bird_ringing_11 bird_ringing_012 bird_ringing_12 bird_ringing_013 bird_ringing_13 bird_ringing_014 bird_ringing_14 bird_ringing_015 bird_ringing_16 bird_ringing_18  bird_ringing_24  bird_ringing_26 bird_ringing_27 bird_ringing_29 bird_ringing_31 bird_ringing_32 bird_ringing_33

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