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Lyme Regis in the Storms

Richard Austin’s new book featuring the storms of 2013 and 2014 and its effect on a small but beautiful town in the South West of England.

Lyme Regis is well-known for its quaint seaside charm, sandy beach and welcoming manor to all who visit.

Never before in many a persons life has the town experienced a relentless period of violent storms battering Lyme Regis almost into submission.

There are approx. 90 spectacular images in the 12″x 8″ hand made book, some of which are historical images from years past.  It can be purchased over the telephone on a UK number 01297 445643 or online at

Here is a small example of just 28 of the 90 pictures you will find in this historic account of how a picturesque little town managed to ride out the full fury of mother nature’s wildest weather.

stormy_01 stormy_02 stormy_03 stormy_04 stormy_05 stormy_06 stormy_07 stormy_08 stormy_09 stormy_10 stormy_11 stormy_12 stormy_13 stormy_14 stormy_15 stormy_16 stormy_17 stormy_18 stormy_19 stormy_20 stormy_21 stormy_22 stormy_23 stormy_24 stormy_25 stormy_26 stormy_27 stormy_28 stormy_29


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